Sunday, 23 May 2010


I tried to update the blog on my blackberry yesterday evening but it wouldn't work unfortunately so I shall just write about today and yesterday in this one post. Yesterday we (me, Shane, our daughter, my mum and Shane's mum) went for a trip to Lake Windermere because the weather was just too gorgeous to stay in. We walked around for a good couple of hours when we finally got there and luckily my mum and dad had decided we weren't going to go out for a celebratory meal as they'd spent lots of money in Paris! So yesterday, I had to eat an omelette with herbs for breakfast, yoghurt with oatbran for dinner and some turkey slices and a piece of cod (which I didn't eat much of coz it doesn't taste as good as it does from the chippy when it's fresh haha!) for tea.
When I stood on the scales this morning I'd lost more weight bringing my total loss to 8lbs in six days (lost another 2lbs today). Yesterday I lost a little bit but not a full pound. Today I walked to ASDA to get some shopping and I've had the usual of yoghurt with oatbran for breakfast followed by turkey slices for dinner and a few pieces of chicken for tea so we'll see what tomorrow brings.
Trying to teach the baby to learn to sleep on her own so started the process today - hopefully she'll soon get used to it as I'm back at work in 2 weeks and can't spend all night awake with her (unfortunately!).

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