Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Day two...

So, today's day two of my Dukan Diet journey and I started it off well. When I got out of bed I did some and got my husband to drop me off at his works with the pram so I could walk to my nan's where I was spending the day. My legs are aching really badly from the exercising I did yesterday but I mustered on (What willpower! ha!). The day started off with a yoghurt and oatbran for breakfast (yummy) and then I did some cleaning around for my nan. Anyway, dinner time came and I made a ham omlette and put a couple of slices of ham on the side. However, my gorgeous little girl had an accident which meant we had to rush off to A&E as she'd bumped her head quite badly. Following our return from the hospital I ate my (now cold - but still very tasty) omlette and later on in the afternoon I ate a chicken breast which I'd steamed - wasn't sure how it was going to taste but it tasted very nice actually (even the Jehovas Witness that came to the door said it smelled good!! haha!!). For tea I had a tin of salmon and I was full all the way up to going to bed. I drank one and a half litres of water (In fact I drank 5 cups of green tea and then had a diet coke at the pub so I had more than was actually necessary today which makes a change as I would normally have like one drink a day. It's taking some getting used to and I'm having to force myself to drink a lot but I do feel better for it. I have already lost 2lbs so far (in a day!) and am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. However, I'm not looking forward to the sore legs the morning will bring but hopefully if I keep the exercises up my muscles won't ache as much and I'll look nice and toned - fingers crossed.


  1. Good for you for doing something for yourself. I on the other hand was just thinking yesterday (& even rang) a fitness centre to lose weight & tone up to fit into a dress for my sisters wedding in 4 months but was shocked at the cost. Also having 3 kids it's hard to get the time.

    Stick with it & take a photo every 2 weeks or so in the same stance so we can compare the difference. I'll be interested to see if the diet works & have a go with you even here in Australia!

  2. Yay thanks jemma - I shall get shane to take some. Everything is too expensive nowadays and if I stick to it it should work just need to keep my willpower up. I decided to write about it here so that I had some support and motivation to keep going. Have you got much to lose? X