Monday, 17 May 2010

A little about me...

My name's Stacy, I'm 21 years old and married to Shane. Six months ago I had my first baby - a gorgeous little girl who I adore. Before I fell pregnant I was a couple of stones overweight and on a diet doing quite well. However, being pregnant became a good excuse to eat because I (and most other people) thought "Oh well, no point in watching my weight now I'm pregnant as I'm obviously going to put weight on!" So now, here I am a couple more stones overweight (Ok so I may technically be that awful 5 letter word...obese...*shudders*) and trying to get back on track; I need to, not just for myself anymore but for my little girl. I don't want to be the one stood watching my child run around because I'm too fat to join in and I certainly don't want to be the fat mum in the playground embarrassing my daughter - I want to be the yummy mummy and regain my confidence. Feel free to follow my blog and give any advice, encouragement and support to keep my on track!!

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