Sunday, 30 May 2010


Well since going on the alternating phase of the diet I've pretty much stuck the same which is why I haven't updated the blog recently. However, staying the same is better than putting weight on I guess. Also , I have lost 21 inches in total which is good going. I've just increased my water intake to 2 litres a day and my exercise to an hour a day to try and get me out of the plateau. Fingers crossed. :) x

Sunday, 23 May 2010


I tried to update the blog on my blackberry yesterday evening but it wouldn't work unfortunately so I shall just write about today and yesterday in this one post. Yesterday we (me, Shane, our daughter, my mum and Shane's mum) went for a trip to Lake Windermere because the weather was just too gorgeous to stay in. We walked around for a good couple of hours when we finally got there and luckily my mum and dad had decided we weren't going to go out for a celebratory meal as they'd spent lots of money in Paris! So yesterday, I had to eat an omelette with herbs for breakfast, yoghurt with oatbran for dinner and some turkey slices and a piece of cod (which I didn't eat much of coz it doesn't taste as good as it does from the chippy when it's fresh haha!) for tea.
When I stood on the scales this morning I'd lost more weight bringing my total loss to 8lbs in six days (lost another 2lbs today). Yesterday I lost a little bit but not a full pound. Today I walked to ASDA to get some shopping and I've had the usual of yoghurt with oatbran for breakfast followed by turkey slices for dinner and a few pieces of chicken for tea so we'll see what tomorrow brings.
Trying to teach the baby to learn to sleep on her own so started the process today - hopefully she'll soon get used to it as I'm back at work in 2 weeks and can't spend all night awake with her (unfortunately!).

Friday, 21 May 2010

Decision time...

So today's decision time on how long I'm going to follow the first phase of the diet. Thinking, however, I may go for 10 days. I've lost a total of 6lbs now over four days after losing another 1lb since yesterday.
I tasted my custard today which smelled good but my nan had spilled water over it this morning so it tasted a bit naff - never mind I'll try again another day.
Meals today were yoghurt with oat bran, chicken with some vinigarette I made yesterday and a couple of ham slices and a tin of salmon for tea.
Still feeling very motivated but may be going out for a meal tomorrow so will have to keep all my willpower to stick to the plan. Wish me luck.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

An early start!

So this morning I was meant to pick my mum and dad up at 5:30am to take them to the airport for their trip to Paris only when my alarm went off then I turned it off so as not to wake the baby (oops) and then got a phone call at 5:45am luckily asking where I was. My mum liked her Pandora beads we bought for her as I gave them to her this morning because she won't be back til late tomorrow evening. She was also very confused about why we were at the airport as it was a surprise for her which she was shocked at but seemed very excited by!! Weighed myself later on in the morning and I've lost a total of 5lbs now (another 2lbs fell off!) in three days. I've not decided yet whether I'm just gonna do the first stage of the diet for 5, 7 or 10 days but it is going very well I think. My legs also feel less sore after soaking in the bath which is good. Today I've eaten a bowl of prawns and a yoghurt with oat bran...and a chicken breast for tea with a couple of slices of lean ham...Today I made some vinigarette which is in The Dukan Diet book and Oh My God it was delicious mmm... and I also made a custard which I haven't tried yet but it smelled good (Will let you know tomorrow how it tasted!)
So far so good...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day Three...

Day three of the first stage of the diet and I must say I'm finding it much easier than I thought I would do! Unfortunately my legs are still aching badly but you know what they say - no pain no gain. Tried lying in the bath to soothe the sore muscles but don't really think it did much and also used a muscle rub earlier which seemed to ease it a bit but not sure whether that was just in my imagination. I've been out shopping tonight for my mum's birthday present as she's 50 on Friday and I wanted to get her something nice so paid the trafford centre a visit which should have helped my walking along (or hobbling as the case may be with my poor legs lol). Today I've had for my breakfast some yoghurt with oat bran in again (I really do like it as it lends something to the yoghurt I have which is MullerLight vanilla flavour and sometimes I can find it a bit sickly) and for dinner it was a chicken breast and a couple of slices of ham, followed at tea time by a ham omlette. Was going to have prawns but they didn't defrost in time so I shall look forward to having those tomorrow. Anyway, when I weighed myself this morning I was 13st 7lbs so that's a total of 3lbs now in two days - very impressive. Hopefully I'll have more good news to report tomorrow. I'm excited for my mum's birthday but I know we'll be going out for a meal which could be a challenge and I will have to have lots of willpower that day!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Day two...

So, today's day two of my Dukan Diet journey and I started it off well. When I got out of bed I did some and got my husband to drop me off at his works with the pram so I could walk to my nan's where I was spending the day. My legs are aching really badly from the exercising I did yesterday but I mustered on (What willpower! ha!). The day started off with a yoghurt and oatbran for breakfast (yummy) and then I did some cleaning around for my nan. Anyway, dinner time came and I made a ham omlette and put a couple of slices of ham on the side. However, my gorgeous little girl had an accident which meant we had to rush off to A&E as she'd bumped her head quite badly. Following our return from the hospital I ate my (now cold - but still very tasty) omlette and later on in the afternoon I ate a chicken breast which I'd steamed - wasn't sure how it was going to taste but it tasted very nice actually (even the Jehovas Witness that came to the door said it smelled good!! haha!!). For tea I had a tin of salmon and I was full all the way up to going to bed. I drank one and a half litres of water (In fact I drank 5 cups of green tea and then had a diet coke at the pub so I had more than was actually necessary today which makes a change as I would normally have like one drink a day. It's taking some getting used to and I'm having to force myself to drink a lot but I do feel better for it. I have already lost 2lbs so far (in a day!) and am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. However, I'm not looking forward to the sore legs the morning will bring but hopefully if I keep the exercises up my muscles won't ache as much and I'll look nice and toned - fingers crossed.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Starting today...

So starting today I'm now following 'The Dukan Diet' which apparently has about 5 million followers in France and after reading the book over the weekend I'm optimistic about its results (so far...). I could relate to what I read as a lot of it made sense.

Dr Pierre Dukan works out on his website what a good weight for you is through the answers you provide from a few questions. After completing this I was told I should weigh about 9stone 1lb so that's what I'm going to try to aim for in this journey. To work out what he recommends for you and see the principles the diet works on go to

I started today on this diet and am feeling quite enthusiastic (as at the beginning of any diet I suppose). You can eat as much as you want though today I've eaten some salmon, lean ham, a fat free vanilla yoghurt with oatbran and an omlette as well as drinking a litre and a half of water and walking briskly for 20 minutes. My weight today was 13stones 10lbs so we shall see what I weigh tomorrow and I will try to update my blog as often as I can and look forward to receiving any comments/support/encouragement from anyone following my journey!!

Here I go AGAIN... I am again...another day another diet. I gave birth by caesarean section in November 2009 and started trying to lose weight in January after I'd recovered from the op. I weighed in at 14 stone 7 lbs (or about 93kg if you prefer) which is seriously overweight for my 5"3 frame - my BMI worked out at like 36.02 - very depressing...perhaps I shouldn't have eaten all those cream cakes when I was expecting! According to my ideal BMI of 22 I should be 8 stone 12lbs which, when faced with almost 6 stones to lose, just was not good. I had a massive mountain to climb. So along with my husband, mum, auntie and uncle we started on the slimming world programme - not actually going to a meeting but doing it with at my auntie's house who, apparently, used to be a slimming world consultant...this went well for about a month or so but as the weight loss slowed down I, once again, began to become disheartened with it. So...I started a new diet using ASDA's measure up milkshakes from mid April 2010. This has worked very well to it's credit as I lost about a stone getting to 13 stone 7lbs but it's pretty restrictive in that you replace 2 of your normal meals with milkshakes and then eat a healthy balanced meal (of about 600 kcals). You are also allowed a couple of snacks but I never really felt like eating them. I did half an hour to an hours exercise on the Nintendo Wii alongside this. Over the weekend, I've become slightly disillusioned with this diet now and decided it's time to move onto something else as I'd gone back to 13stone 10lbs so action needed to be taken before the whole stone went back on!

A little about me...

My name's Stacy, I'm 21 years old and married to Shane. Six months ago I had my first baby - a gorgeous little girl who I adore. Before I fell pregnant I was a couple of stones overweight and on a diet doing quite well. However, being pregnant became a good excuse to eat because I (and most other people) thought "Oh well, no point in watching my weight now I'm pregnant as I'm obviously going to put weight on!" So now, here I am a couple more stones overweight (Ok so I may technically be that awful 5 letter word...obese...*shudders*) and trying to get back on track; I need to, not just for myself anymore but for my little girl. I don't want to be the one stood watching my child run around because I'm too fat to join in and I certainly don't want to be the fat mum in the playground embarrassing my daughter - I want to be the yummy mummy and regain my confidence. Feel free to follow my blog and give any advice, encouragement and support to keep my on track!!