Monday, 17 May 2010

Here I go AGAIN... I am again...another day another diet. I gave birth by caesarean section in November 2009 and started trying to lose weight in January after I'd recovered from the op. I weighed in at 14 stone 7 lbs (or about 93kg if you prefer) which is seriously overweight for my 5"3 frame - my BMI worked out at like 36.02 - very depressing...perhaps I shouldn't have eaten all those cream cakes when I was expecting! According to my ideal BMI of 22 I should be 8 stone 12lbs which, when faced with almost 6 stones to lose, just was not good. I had a massive mountain to climb. So along with my husband, mum, auntie and uncle we started on the slimming world programme - not actually going to a meeting but doing it with at my auntie's house who, apparently, used to be a slimming world consultant...this went well for about a month or so but as the weight loss slowed down I, once again, began to become disheartened with it. So...I started a new diet using ASDA's measure up milkshakes from mid April 2010. This has worked very well to it's credit as I lost about a stone getting to 13 stone 7lbs but it's pretty restrictive in that you replace 2 of your normal meals with milkshakes and then eat a healthy balanced meal (of about 600 kcals). You are also allowed a couple of snacks but I never really felt like eating them. I did half an hour to an hours exercise on the Nintendo Wii alongside this. Over the weekend, I've become slightly disillusioned with this diet now and decided it's time to move onto something else as I'd gone back to 13stone 10lbs so action needed to be taken before the whole stone went back on!

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