Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day Three...

Day three of the first stage of the diet and I must say I'm finding it much easier than I thought I would do! Unfortunately my legs are still aching badly but you know what they say - no pain no gain. Tried lying in the bath to soothe the sore muscles but don't really think it did much and also used a muscle rub earlier which seemed to ease it a bit but not sure whether that was just in my imagination. I've been out shopping tonight for my mum's birthday present as she's 50 on Friday and I wanted to get her something nice so paid the trafford centre a visit which should have helped my walking along (or hobbling as the case may be with my poor legs lol). Today I've had for my breakfast some yoghurt with oat bran in again (I really do like it as it lends something to the yoghurt I have which is MullerLight vanilla flavour and sometimes I can find it a bit sickly) and for dinner it was a chicken breast and a couple of slices of ham, followed at tea time by a ham omlette. Was going to have prawns but they didn't defrost in time so I shall look forward to having those tomorrow. Anyway, when I weighed myself this morning I was 13st 7lbs so that's a total of 3lbs now in two days - very impressive. Hopefully I'll have more good news to report tomorrow. I'm excited for my mum's birthday but I know we'll be going out for a meal which could be a challenge and I will have to have lots of willpower that day!

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